UnderHome Armor – Your Shield Against Hurricane Adalia

Florida, as we brace ourselves for the impending Hurricane Adalia, our team at UnderHome Armor wants to assure you that we are here to stand by your side both before and after the storm. We recognize the challenge and uncertainty such events bring, and it’s our mission to support our community every step of the way.

Before Hurricane Adalia Strikes: Essential Preparations

  1. Stay Informed: Regularly monitor the National Hurricane Center (NHC) and local news for updates.
  2. Evacuation Plan: Know your evacuation routes and have a plan in place if authorities recommend evacuation.
  3. Emergency Kit: Pack a bag with essential items like water, non-perishable food, medications, flashlights, batteries, first aid kit, and important documents.
  4. Secure Your Home:
    • Board up windows with plywood or storm shutters.
    • Bring in outdoor furniture and other loose items.
    • Ensure gutters and drains are clear to prevent flooding.
    • Reinforce garage doors and windows.
  5. Communicate: Inform family and friends of your plans. Establish a check-in system.
  6. Prepare Your Vehicle: Full tank, operational radio, emergency supplies, and map of evacuation routes.
  7. Turn Off Utilities: If told to do so, turn off gas, electricity, and water.
  8. Water Supply: Fill bathtubs, sinks, and large containers with water.
  9. Document: Take photos/videos of your property for insurance purposes.
  10. Pets: Ensure you have supplies for them, and never leave them behind.

After Hurricane Adalia Passes: Stay Safe and Informed

  1. Stay Inside: Do not go out until local officials declare it safe. Beware of the storm’s ‘eye’ – conditions might calm, but will worsen quickly.
  2. Avoid Flooding: Stay away from flooded areas. Do not drive through standing water.
  3. Check For Damage: Once safe, inspect your home for damages.
  4. Document: Take pictures of damages for insurance claims.
  5. Stay Informed: Continue listening to local news or a NOAA Weather Radio for updates.
  6. Avoid Electrical Equipment: Don’t use electrical appliances or turn on main switches if wet.
  7. Drinking Water: Only consume boiled or bottled water until you’re sure tap water is safe.
  8. Communication: Check in with family and friends.
  9. Be Cautious: Be wary of fallen power lines and report them to the power company.
  10. Reach Out: Contact your insurance provider if your home is damaged. Remember, UnderHome Armor is also here to provide you with guidance and support in the aftermath.

Emergency Contact Information in Florida

  • Emergency Services (Police, Fire, Ambulance): Dial 911
  • Florida Emergency Information Line: 1-800-342-3557
  • Florida Division of Emergency Management: www.floridadisaster.org
  • National Hurricane Center: www.nhc.noaa.gov

For assistance with your home before or after Hurricane Adalia, please contact UnderHome Armor directly. We are dedicated to serving our community in these challenging times.

Stay safe, Florida. We’re in this together.

— Your devoted team at UnderHome Armor

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