Mobile Homes Repairs Hurricane Adalia in Florida

underhome armor trucksIn the wake of a massive event like Hurricane Adalia, mobile homes in Florida are susceptible to a range of damages. One of the most overlooked, yet critical areas is the underbelly, commonly termed ‘UnderHome Armor’. This section offers guidance on inspecting and addressing any potential issues related to it.

I. Inspection Steps for your mobile home

1. Safety First:

Before embarking on any form of inspection, it’s paramount to ensure the surrounding environment is secure. Florida, post-hurricane, can be a hotbed of hazards like downed power lines, gas leaks, and pools of electrified water. A cursory check of the vicinity can avert potential risks.

2. Suit Up:

Donning protective clothing isn’t just about keeping clean. Debris, sharp or rusted objects, and potentially hazardous materials can pose real threats, especially when crawling beneath a mobile home.

3. Visual Inspection:

Start with an overarching view of your mobile home. This gives an idea of the extent and type of damage. If the home appears tilted, misaligned, or unstable, it’s crucial to enlist professional help before delving deeper. A compromised structure can be dangerous.

4. Check the Skirting on your mobile home:

The skirting is more than an aesthetic addition to mobile homes. In Florida, it plays a vital protective role against pests, heavy rain, and flying debris. Look for areas that are misaligned, damaged, or completely missing, as these can be entry points for water and pests.

5. Examine your mobile home vapor barrier:

The underbelly shields essential utilities and foundational components. Damage here can lead to issues ranging from mold due to Florida’s humidity, to compromised plumbing or electrical systems. Using a flashlight, one should inspect for pooled water, torn insulation, or disrupted utilities.

6. Inspect mobile homes Anchoring Systems:

For mobile homes in Florida, strong anchoring systems are non-negotiable given the frequency of powerful storms. Assess the tie-downs and anchors, ensuring they remain deeply embedded, free from visible corrosion, and maintain their structural integrity.

7. Check for Structural Damage:

The foundational beams and joists sustain the mobile home. Even minor warping or cracks can culminate in long-term structural issues, especially if subjected to another storm or heavy rainfall.

II. Post-Inspection Action Steps

1. Document All Damages:

Photographs and detailed notes of damages aren’t just for personal records. They play a pivotal role in liaising with insurance providers, ensuring you get the compensation necessary for repairs.

2. Dry Out the Area in and around your home:

Florida’s climate can lead to rapid mold growth, and after a storm, trapped moisture beneath a mobile home can exacerbate this. Deploying fans and dehumidifiers can help avert these complications.

3. Repair or Replace Mobile Home Skirting:

Restoring the skirting promptly can prevent larger complications down the road. It offers a barrier against further environmental damage and critter intrusion.

4. Re-insulate: replace wet insulation 

Effective insulation in Florida is vital. It keeps the home cool during sweltering months and warm when temperatures drop, ensuring energy bills don’t skyrocket.

5. Check and Repair Utilities:

Beyond the evident inconvenience, damaged utilities can pose threats. Leaky pipes can lead to foundational issues, while compromised electrical systems can be a fire hazard.

6. Re-anchor mobile home if Necessary:

A mobile home’s stability during subsequent storms hinges on robust anchoring. Ensuring they are in prime condition is an investment in safety.

7. Consult Professionals:

Some issues, especially those of a structural nature, require expert intervention. Relying on professionals ensures repairs meet Florida’s rigorous safety standards for mobile homes.

8. File an Insurance Claim:

Insurance is a lifeline post-disaster. Timely claims, backed by thorough documentation, can expedite the recovery and repair process.

The aftermath of Hurricane Adalia underscores the importance of vigilant care for mobile homes in Florida. Being proactive and understanding the steps to recovery can make the journey back to normalcy smoother and safer. Call UnderHome Armor today for all your mobile home repairs in Florida.

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