Mobile Home Tie Downs

Mobile Home Tie Downs

  • “Mobile Home Tie downs will Stabilize and protect your mobile home with mobile home. When properly installed they’ll protect your home during storms and keep your mobile home level.
  • UnderHome Armor will make sure your Mobile Home is up to code and your ready for the 2018 Hurricane season.
  • We offer you Free Inspections and Written Estimates for all work needed to make sure your mobile home is safe.

No One Has More Experience and Dedication To Excellence than UnderHome Armor

Mobile Home Tie Downs are extremely Important for your family’s safety if you live in a mobile home. Mobile Home Tie Down

There’s a big difference in the strength of modern mobile homes vs. older mobile homes. New mobile homes are much stronger and are built to handle much higher wind loads in Florida as mandated by the State of Florida building codes, which were amended in 1994 to handle the high winds in hurricanes and strong thunder storms which are so common in the summer months in Florida.

Mobile home design and construction is now overseen by HUD and the Housing and Building Technology HBT, and the Florida State Bureau of Manufactured Housing Construction.

One of the warnings you would do well to consider from the Florida State Bureau of Manufactured Housing Construction is to avoid Solid skirting around the perimeter of your mobile home, because it increases the threat of wind damage. Decorative blocks or decorative wood lattice offers you less wind resistance that could lift your home off the ground during high wind events like a hurricane.

 Tie Downs for older mobile homes

Mobile home straps will help prevent high winds from lifting or moving your mobile home during storms. Underhome Armor will install mobile home tie down straps to specially designed anchors as shown in the picture above. The anchors are driven into the ground, anchoring your mobile home and preventing movement during high wind events. Underhome Armor serves many communities all over Florida and we’ll check your local building codes when pulling a permit, to make sure your mobile home is safe and up to local codes. The building code for mobile home straps can change from different city’s and counties building departments.

Mobile Home Tie Downs and Straps

Underhome Armor will determine which type of mobile home tie down and straps are required in your area. Many of the older mobile homes required that the straps must go completely over the top of the mobile home to securely strap it down, while new mobile homes don’t require the straps to go completely over the home because of the newer mobile home’s structure.

Underhome Armor will install hurricane anchors into the ground around your mobile home. The number of mobile home hurricane anchors that are required will vary between models of different mobile homes, Underhome Armor will install extra anchors and extra straps to ensure your home safety.

The other types of anchors for mobile homes we install are:

Concrete dead man anchors: which is a screw auger to a slab anchor, or to the foundation itself.

Auger anchors: are large steel anchors that are screwed into the ground as in the picture above.

Drive anchors: are designed for anchoring into solid concrete

If needed Underhome Armor will place straps over your mobile homes roofs rafters for straps going over the top of your mobile home, to distribute the force the tie-down strap is holding your mobile home secure.

We will then attach the end of the strap to a turnbuckle as seen in the picture above. Turnbuckles are used to tightened and increase the tension on the strap and remove any slack to secure your mobile home in place.

We will then secure the turnbuckle to the end of the anchor and turn the turnbuckle adjustment until the strap is tight. If needed a metal rod will be inserted. Turning the rod tightens the tension on the mobile home strap.

This may be confusing so we would be glad to give you a free inspection of your mobile home to show you which system you need to make sure your mobile home is safe.

Mobile home Tie Downs and Hurricane Anchors used in Florida

Florida mobile homes use metal rods driven into the ground around the home at specified distances to keep your home tightly in place. There are different kinds of ground anchors or tie downs for Floridas soil conditions. Auger anchors are the most commonly used.

We’ll Make Sure Your Mobile Home Is Safe and Ready for Florida’s weather

  • Rusted and worn out anchor straps on your mobile home are replaced
  • New anchors will be Installed to meet your current codes for mobile homes.
  • Longitudinal stabilizers are installed to protect your mobile home in high winds.
  • All work performed by UnderHome Armor is guaranteed to meet local and State Codes.
  • Tighten anchor straps tight to keep your mobile home stable and secure during high winds.
  • Install new concrete piers whenever needed to secure and securely stabilize your mobile home
  • We’ll remove decorative skirting around your mobile home for our inspection and we’ll replace it.

No One Has More Experience and Dedication To Excellence than UnderHome Armor

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